Interactive climbing area at teamLab Tokyo. Moving your body is a creative work, and life is creativity.

teamLab @ Tokyo

In April 2019, I packed my bags and left Vietnam for a solo trip to teamLab exhibition in Japan, Tokyo. It was a chaotic and depressing time — a fresh grad with uncertain prospects, broken relationships and reputations. This seemed like a perfect psychedelic getaway without having to smoke weed.

A look from the inside; interior design complements the humble facade of the building. “At Home with Kinfolk — Jean Prouvé, Charlotte Perrian, Pierre Jeanneret, Le Corbusier”

Where is my home? What makes a home? Where are people’s homes displaced by poverty, multiple/fragmented identities, and why do some houses don’t feel homely?

These questions have beleaguered my mind for the past two years leaving multiple homes — people I’ve called home, place and time I called home…

If you have installed network-cmds with repo on Cydia, you will get Bad CPU error because it’s only built for 32 bit, iOS 12+.

To get network-cmds working on iOS 11, go to, add the given repository, and go into Networks folder of the repo or search for network-cmds. It was added in 2019, so there were no references to this on any recent forums.

The repo has a lot of low-level networking packages which I haven’t dug into but maybe useful for people looking to exploit networking on iOS.

Tower of Hanoi was a mathematical puzzle invented by Lucas 1883, France. There are many legends and myths about it as well. One myth I know is that the world will end if 64 tower disks’ Tower of Hanoi is completed. Lets see why the myth could be true.



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