Setting up Dev Env on M1 Pro | M1 Pro 일회용 개발환경 적용기

  1. Install everything through distributed image files from official websites or App Store
  2. Use homebrew for M1 exclusively
  3. Use homebrew for x86 exclusively
Vagrant.configure("2") do |config| = "spox/ubuntu-arm"  config.vm.box_version = "1.0.0"  config.vm.hostname = "rusty-spoon"  config.vm.define "rusty-spoon"  config.vm.provider "vmware_desktop" do |v|    # v.gui = true    v.memory = "2048"    v.linked_clone = false    v.vmx["ethernet0.pcislotnumber"] = "160"  endend
  • Unlike Virtualbox, you can’t setup a fixed private network IP on VMware. This is a known issue on Vagrant documentation. According to the gist thread above, some people have made it work, albeit unstable.
  • Occasionally you may run into some errors about vagrant vmware utility when you run vagrant up . This is most likely a temporary error; waiting a bit, restarting terminal / vmware etc and trying it again will work again.
  • Running vagrant up while connected to a hotspot may not work. I had no issue with Wifi networks, but running it after connecting to hotspot network on iPhone did not work (hangs on “Waiting for the VM to receive an address…” or some other process).




r&d blog on architecture, software engineering and inspirations

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r&d blog on architecture, software engineering and inspirations

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