At Home with Kinfolk @ Dosan, South Korea 2020

A look from the inside; interior design complements the humble facade of the building. “At Home with Kinfolk — Jean Prouvé, Charlotte Perrian, Pierre Jeanneret, Le Corbusier”
Figure 19. Rotational movements of the hinges; Figure 20. The shock absorber of the car as an inspiration source in designing the straps. [The Ideas to Design the International Airport of Hong Kong on an Artificial Island]

French Modernism — end of Brutalism, the start of radical aesthetics and practicality

Book display in front of the exhibition which included a book on Alvar Aalto, a Finnish architect who inspired modern Nordic architecture; perhaps a tribute Copenhagen, Denmark, where Kinfolk is based right now.

Value of French Modernism

Antony Daybed, France (1954). Prouve designed this bed for Antony City University in Paris. Wooden side-table was added by Perrian later on, giving it a practical edge.
This bamboo lounge chair may appear unstable, but it’s incredibly comfortable and durable once you lean back.

Examples of French Modernism from the Exhibition

In the front: Single Neck Easy Chair (the 1950s), Teak Stool (1965–66); In the middle: Arm Sofa Set (1959), Dirty Linen Box (1956) by Pierre Jeanneret
Magazine Rack (1961–62), Chandigarh by Pierre Jeanneret
Standard Chair (1934), France by Jean Prouvé.


Office Desk (1958), Office Chair (1956) and Screen (1957), Chandigarh by Pierre Jeanneret
A page from the latest Kinfolk magazine on Architecture — article “The End of the Tunnel” by Pip Usher

When an optometrist talks of tunnel vision, they’re referring to a loss of peripheral sight. The same applies to a psychological outlook: A person who is suffering from tunnel vision cannot see the full breadth of possibilities because their outlook has become so narrow. Such condition can be triggered by a scarcity mindset, in which there’s a constant fear that there simply isn’t enough — whether that be food, finances or emotional fulfilment. Obsessed with alleviating this perceived shortage, a scarcity mindset will respond with short-term, impulse-led behaviours. As a result, the ability to consider long-term priorities, and the joy of creatively strategizing on how to get there, is replaced by an obsessive drive to meet immediate needs and desires. Avoid falling into this trap by regularly exercising original thinking and opening the mind to new possibilities.



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r&d blog on architecture, software engineering and inspirations